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Rocket to Insanity Extreme Edition
This is an extreme version of Rocket to Insanity... So XTREME!
Rainbow Dash sat trying not tried not to fall off to sleep... NO TICKLES!
She kept her eyes open... No Tickles....
Suddenly her friends where surrounding her tied up body and tickling the  heck out of her!
She screamed, "NOOOOOOO!"
She woke...
She breathed heavily... Not agian she thought. The dreams of non-stop tickling had plagued her ever since the first time in which she had dreamed of Pinkies basement!
She breathed again on her tree!
Suddenly she heard a voice, "IT IS TICKLE OR BE TICKLED!"
She looked around... Nothing!
She flwe over to Apple Jack's not remembering why. She landed at Appple Jake's farm. Apple Jack walked up to her and ask, "Ur nat one ah those Gawd Dang Homosexerals...."
Rainbow said, "Sure...."
Apple Jack told her, "They ah Natzis.. Ah book told mah so an they did the Holocaust... Whatever aht' was!" Becasue evil land of Equestria had no Holocaust Education and we should bomb them!
Rainbow told h
:iconaspiepie:AspiePie 2 6
Mature content
Suck my Balls!!! :iconaspiepie:AspiePie 3 3
The Crash... Chapter 1...
Dawn POV.
"SHREWS DID 9/11!"
I charged the Predator Guards!
Soon there was nothing left Zootopia was on fire and then Judy came into view. She pointed her gun at me and screamed, "killer!"
I told her, "There is nothing you can do now surrender!"
She looked at me as I came closer. "No!" she panted as my hooves touched her face...
I put my mouth on her face to her mouth and forced my tongue.
Suddenly Shelia Aron yelled, "Having a good time..?"
I looked up from my pillow and there was that dumb pig looking at me.
She was slim for a pig and had brown hair and a slight bust.
I replied, "Yes I was!"
She asked, "So you want to make out with Hoppes?"
I said, "No..."
She asked, "Then why was your sheep tongue deep in your pillow?"
I told her, "Shut up!"
Later on I was serving the daily growl...
A wolf walked up, she yelled, "Hey everyone Sheep Pussy is serving the chow!"
I stated loudly, "Please hold out your bowl!"
The Wolf yelled, "Sheep Pussy I am gonna eat yeah!"
I s
:iconaspiepie:AspiePie 4 0
Terror comes... I hear the wind blow....
They are here... The reapers...
Tomorrow unless there is choice to change...
We will burn in a Hell of our own making..
We are at the final point in our childhood...
Were we choose to grow up....
Or  extinction...
Were we choose to be more...
or become nothing again....
To understand God more...
Or find our faces pounded to the dirt...
The choice is now...
:iconaspiepie:AspiePie 4 2
Infinite Tolerance needs to be banned... :iconaspiepie:AspiePie 1 2 Silly Cishet :iconaspiepie:AspiePie 1 107 Sowrd Fighting... :iconaspiepie:AspiePie 0 2 Pinkamina! :iconaspiepie:AspiePie 14 5 Pinkamina and Rainbow Dash! :iconaspiepie:AspiePie 2 11


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Scissor Twilight et Applejack :iconiopichio:Iopichio 538 80
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Well I thought you could be cute... You did both cute and exciting at the same time. Cool... This realistic chibi style may need to be ...

Okay this is good let me tell you.. I love the Blue Devil eyes for one... Two the flowing hair makes it look like a satanic god... The ...

Quite Lovely I must say! Really a representation of a moment in worth reliving! The Power of this is extreme... You seem almost God-lik...

This basically seems to scream I will fight for my beliefs.. .The background effects and your pose look exactly like a fight game. This...



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Sane Authoritarian Rightist... I believe that people most of the time need to be told what to do by smarter people... I also believe that Homophobia, racism and religious intolerance are wrong. I think that the Holocaust happened and that Hitler was a mistake but I also believe that people often ignore very big facts about both issues. Mussolini was a great man in my opinion who had great ideas....
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